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Customize your safe to increase security

In the modern age it is easy to find a number of security options. Safes and vaults have become a daily necessity of sorts. When searched on the internet, a number of options can be availed of. However it is easy to get carried away and end up buying the wrong safe. Custom safes are the new way to make sure you get what you want. There are a number of things to consider first, before you go ahead and buy a safe.

custom Safes

Types of safes

There is a wide variety of safes to choose from: gun safes, jewelry safes, safes designed for the safekeeping of painting and other relic, temperature control safes, fireproof safe and many more. But not all of them deliver what they offer. Gun safes are varied in type and not all of them are the same. There may be differences in sizes, shapes, styles, door construction, fire ratings and also security options. It is not that tough to break into a gun safe.  Again, fireproof safes are prone burglary due to its use of very thin metal of about 16 or 18 gauges. These are also reasons for buying custom safes. Customers may think of purchasing modern, “composite” safes, or burglar fire safes, which basically include both burglar and fire ratings. But in purchasing such products, customers may be misled into believing in false ratings. False ratings are not uncommon. Another major factor to be considered is how long you will be using the safe. If the answer is for at least the next 10 years, then the next thing to consider is what you are planning to store in the safe. As, after a certain period of time, the storage space might not remain adequate to hold all of the items you want to store. Commercial stores have only so many options as far as sizes and storage space goes. Custom safes however are a lot more versatile.

Why customize your safe?

Let’s face it; different customers have different requirements, different demands and different choices. It is hard to keep track of all of the customer demands for commercial safe manufacturers. If you find the right size, it may or may not be the right type for all of items. If you find the right type, then maybe it is either too big or too small. And even when everything else is satisfactory, it might not go with your carefully planned home décor. Custom safes can take care of all of these problems.

How to customize your safe?

A number of safe manufacturing companies customize safes these days. Leading safe companies like Brown and INKAS have a wide range of readymade and customized safes. All you have to do is contact one such manufacturer and order your very own safe designed specifically to suit your needs. Custom safes have a lot to offer: you can custom interiors an configuration, size it specifically, paint, also set the lock configuration to your convenience and even integrate it with home automation system. Thus options are endless, and results are usually satisfying, so go ahead, and get creative.

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Getting Merchant Cash Advance Is Easy But it is Difficult to Repay

A merchant cash advance is known to be short-term fund advance against business’ receivables. To pay it back a fixed percentage or debit is taken off directly each sale weekly or daily.  This is a whole new industry that is flourishing since the bank lending criteria has become tight after the Great Recession. As a matter of fact, with merchant cash advance loans even small businesses can qualify for it.

Getting money from merchant lenders Canada at times is genuinely necessary. However, it is necessary to know when to pull the trigger.  It is better to use it as a stopgap when there is an increase in the revenue.

merchant lenders canada

When Do You Need Merchant Cash Advance?

There are several instances when a small business owner will require capital for creating growth such as new florist bought some last minute arrangement for a wedding event or a dentist doctor who has to buy equipment.

These are examples of where an increase in the income will be anticipated. Businesses that are good and growing amid unpredicted cash flow cannot fund the capital outlay without the working capital.  When the business requires the funds for a short-term basis for generating for revenue, it makes sense to get in touch with merchant lenders Canada for the business growth.

merchant lenders in Canada

With the merchant cash advance, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. It is a five-minute application and there is no paperwork. However, the rule of the thumb is that until you use it to generate new income stream which pays back the advance, it will lead to bigger problems than it can solve. In simple words, you should not use this instrument for filling the hole which creates even a bigger one.

Questions You Need to Ask Before Deciding Whether to Take One or Not

Before you decide whether you want to take the help of merchant lenders Canada, you have to ask yourself these questions.

  • Is this going to help me win the business?
  • Will it help the business to grow?
  • Will it help to buy new equipment which generates cash?
  • Do you need the money right away?

And in terms of the ability to pay it back:

  • Can you generate the sales you need so that you will not feel when a fixed sum deducted of the credit card swipe.
  • Can you pay the bills if you lose a percentage on top of the sales?
  • How long will you be able to go without this fixed sum being deducted the money you are making?

The price paid to the merchant lenders Canada is significant.  The cost of funds is going to be anything from 20-40 percent on the advance on the basis of the credit score and various other risk factors. Nonetheless, this is offset by the fact that the instrument offers some tangible and real advantages to the small business. The process of application is pretty simple and the funding decisions of the merchant lenders Canada are taken pretty quickly.

You will be able to get funded at a wide range of credit scores that starts as low as 500, if the mitigating factors are checked. Additionally, payback is also incremental. Hence, the cost of funds is not going to be felt.  Read more about financial news here!

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What to Know When Buying an Antique Engagement Ring?

Buying the engagement ring is not an easy task. It is actually the symbol of the most important relationship of your life. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that you got it right. When you buy engagement from engagement rings stores, here are few things that you need to keep in mind.

ring stores
The 4C’s of Diamond

The quality and the value of diamond are determined by the four essential factors which is known as the 4C’s.

Carat: This is the unit weight to measure a diamond. 0.2 grams is equal to one and the value of diamond increases with the increase in the size.

Clarity: Diamond contains inner and outer flaws and this is measured by the sliding scale which is referred to as the diamond clarity. However, you need to view the flaws of the diamond under the microscope.

Color: This doesn’t mean the actual color of the diamond. It is actually the presence of yellow color in the white diamond. The purer color white is of an extensive value.

Cut: Again, contrary to what might seem obvious, it doesn’t refer to the diamond’s shape. It refers of the cut and depth of diamond from the engagement rings stores. The better is the cut, more will be the sparkle.

Choose the Metal for the Band

The kind of metal you select for the engagement ring will have an effect on the overall look. Platinum and white gold has been popular for a long period of time. Both of them offer a modern and sleek look. The setting of diamond in and yellow prong from engagement rings stores might make the diamond appear more yellowish. In case you love the color of gold then you need to get white metal prongs in the gold bangs for creating a contrast with the diamond. Rose gold is in fashion now. It is a soothing and warm appearance.

Choose the Setting of the Diamond

When you get an engagement ring from the engagement rings stores, you have to keep in that the ring is in place because of the setting. The setting actually has two jobs to perform, to enhance the beauty of the diamond and also protect it from any kind of damage. Different kind of settings is of different scale. Some of the common forms of setting are prong, halo, and bezel.

ring stores in toronto

Choose the Side Stones

Side stone is a great way to perk up the look of the engagement ring. It offers a dash of elegance to the ring. Thus, the ring has a sophisticated look. In case you want the side stones to complement the center stone, select the one that grade closer to the center diamond in clarity, color, and also cut.

For the diamonds with similar clarity and color, the cut helps the stone to sparkle. Thus, to make sure that the engagement ring from the engagement rings stores, you need to choose one with a brilliant grade. The most important thing that you need to consider when you get an engagement ring is whether your partner will feel comfortable wearing it. They will be wearing this all their life. Hence, you should choose something that will suit them.

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Investing in Bullion and buying Canadian Gold

In case you are planning on to buy gold Canada coin, the consumer protection agency of the nation, FTC or Federal Trade Commission says that the best bet is to look for your options and become smart.  If you are uninformed it might have serious consequences.

Bullion coins are actually a bulk quantity of precious metal that is assessed by weight. It is typically cast as bars or ingots. It is sold by the major dealers and banks. You will also be able to buy bullion as coins.

buy gold Canada

Bullion coins are known to be minted from the precious metals, generally gold or silver and used for investment purpose from the major banks, brokerage firms, coin dealers, and precious metal dealers.  The value of these is based on the silver or gold bullion content. The price of these fluctuates on a daily basis depending on the silver and gold price in the world market.

The U.S. mint is producing silver and gold bullion coins since 1986 and it guarantees their precious metal concentrate. The mint creates two kinds of bullion coins.

  • Proof bullion coins are specially minted for the collectors and are generally sold in a protective display case by the mint, directly.
  • The uncirculated bullion coins that have been minted for investment and are sold to a limited number of authorized byers based on the present market price for precious metal along with the negligible premium that is charged by the mint.

Foreign government is also known to mint coins. However, they might not be of same standards are U.S. coins, Moreover, they are not guaranteed by the U.S. government. The value of the foreign bullion coins actually depends on the melt value of the coins. This is the basic intrinsic value of the coin if it had been melted and sold. The condition of the bullion coin is not the most relevant factor when it comes to determining the price.

Investigate Prior to Investing

Investing in bullion coins can be a significant decision.  In case you are thinking about it, you have to think about the melt value of the coin.

gold bullion

  • Make sure that you ask for the melt value of the coin. The melt value for all bullion coins and the collectible coins is extensively available.
  • You have to consult with a well-known financial advisor that you trust and specialize in investment knowledge. Also, talk to other investors.
  • It is necessary to shop around. A majority of the banks offer Canada gold bullion coins at a lower markup than the dealers.  You can also enter the name of the coin into the online search engine for comparing the prices from all the other dealers.
  • Take the additional cost related with the investment into account. You might want to buy safe deposit box or insurance. This cost is going to cut into your investment potential.
  • Be careful of buying Gold Canada coins which are not going to be delivered to you instead to a secured facility by the third party or the seller. If you purchase metals without taking delivery, you might face the risk of metal not existing, is not of proper quality, or rightly insured.
  • Walk away from the sales pitches which maximizes the sales and risk representative who claim that written risk disclosures are actually formalities which are required by the government. Thus, it is not necessary. Ask the sales representative about the risk of the investment.


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Online Gift Baskets: Your Trusted Source For Canada gift baskets in Toronto & Canada

Gift basket forms the ideal gifting solution for any occasions. If you have got tired by churning your imagination and couldn’t arrive at any solution about gifts, try out Canada gift baskets. A beautifully designed gift basket with all useful items can be a great thing for your recipient. In fact, your recipient on receiving a bag full of important goodies would greatly appreciate your gesture.

gift baskets canada

Gift Basket Can Be a Great Gift Item

If you have gone bored with the same old traditional gifts, go for a tailored gift basket. A gift basket can contain the finest quality items which would be loved by the recipient. Moreover, one would get baskets designed for any occasions. Be it a birthday or a welcome party, one would get their tailored gift basket easily.

Hence, Canada gift baskets suitable for various occasions are readily available at leading gift basket stores. Most leading stores like Nutcracker are now able to provide an alluring collection of baskets to their customers. A good thing about these gift stores is that one can get simple to posh gifts based on their budget. Moreover, the stores enable the customers to personalize the baskets with their preferred items.

The gift stores are not only serving the people of Toronto but people all over Canada. Many stores are moving online in order to reach out to the global audience. Hence, customers from other parts of Canada can place their order for gift basket via the online stores. Hence, now customers will be able to have a great gift basket shopping experience.


Shop from Trusted Stores

When you plan to shop for Canada gift baskets, make sure you buy it from a trusted store. The reason is pretty simple. Trusted stores are known to provide products of high quality which recipients would love. Moreover, the wide selection of items can help customers to create their basket and make it look exceptional. In short, customers can include items that a person usually hopes to be present in the basket.

Shopping from a trusted store can provide a lot of other benefits. They are:

  • The gift basket orders are delivered the very next day to the customers. However, for next day delivery in Toronto and Canada certain terms might be present.
  • Customers get a great level of convenience in reaching out to stores dealing with gift basket. A trusted store offers customers to place their order online or through phone call. One can even pick the basket from the store.

canada gift basket

  • The Canada gift baskets are professionally designed with premium items. The stores can even decorate the baskets as to the occasion demands.
  • Reputed and trusted Canada gift baskets stores are able to deliver gift basket in North America.

Gift basket, for a Thank You party or for a Baby Shower or for a Birthday, can be smoothly delivered right at the doorsteps of the receiver. However, the Canada gift baskets get delivered on time with an added cost. so even if you forget to buy a gift for a special occasion, online gift basket stores can be of great help.