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Customize your safe to increase security

In the modern age it is easy to find a number of security options. Safes and vaults have become a daily necessity of sorts. When searched on the internet, a number of options can be availed of. However it is easy to get carried away and end up buying the wrong safe. Custom safes are the new way to make sure you get what you want. There are a number of things to consider first, before you go ahead and buy a safe.

custom Safes

Types of safes

There is a wide variety of safes to choose from: gun safes, jewelry safes, safes designed for the safekeeping of painting and other relic, temperature control safes, fireproof safe and many more. But not all of them deliver what they offer. Gun safes are varied in type and not all of them are the same. There may be differences in sizes, shapes, styles, door construction, fire ratings and also security options. It is not that tough to break into a gun safe.  Again, fireproof safes are prone burglary due to its use of very thin metal of about 16 or 18 gauges. These are also reasons for buying custom safes. Customers may think of purchasing modern, “composite” safes, or burglar fire safes, which basically include both burglar and fire ratings. But in purchasing such products, customers may be misled into believing in false ratings. False ratings are not uncommon. Another major factor to be considered is how long you will be using the safe. If the answer is for at least the next 10 years, then the next thing to consider is what you are planning to store in the safe. As, after a certain period of time, the storage space might not remain adequate to hold all of the items you want to store. Commercial stores have only so many options as far as sizes and storage space goes. Custom safes however are a lot more versatile.

Why customize your safe?

Let’s face it; different customers have different requirements, different demands and different choices. It is hard to keep track of all of the customer demands for commercial safe manufacturers. If you find the right size, it may or may not be the right type for all of items. If you find the right type, then maybe it is either too big or too small. And even when everything else is satisfactory, it might not go with your carefully planned home décor. Custom safes can take care of all of these problems.

How to customize your safe?

A number of safe manufacturing companies customize safes these days. Leading safe companies like Brown and INKAS have a wide range of readymade and customized safes. All you have to do is contact one such manufacturer and order your very own safe designed specifically to suit your needs. Custom safes have a lot to offer: you can custom interiors an configuration, size it specifically, paint, also set the lock configuration to your convenience and even integrate it with home automation system. Thus options are endless, and results are usually satisfying, so go ahead, and get creative.