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What to Know When Buying an Antique Engagement Ring?

Buying the engagement ring is not an easy task. It is actually the symbol of the most important relationship of your life. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that you got it right. When you buy engagement from engagement rings stores, here are few things that you need to keep in mind.

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The 4C’s of Diamond

The quality and the value of diamond are determined by the four essential factors which is known as the 4C’s.

Carat: This is the unit weight to measure a diamond. 0.2 grams is equal to one and the value of diamond increases with the increase in the size.

Clarity: Diamond contains inner and outer flaws and this is measured by the sliding scale which is referred to as the diamond clarity. However, you need to view the flaws of the diamond under the microscope.

Color: This doesn’t mean the actual color of the diamond. It is actually the presence of yellow color in the white diamond. The purer color white is of an extensive value.

Cut: Again, contrary to what might seem obvious, it doesn’t refer to the diamond’s shape. It refers of the cut and depth of diamond from the engagement rings stores. The better is the cut, more will be the sparkle.

Choose the Metal for the Band

The kind of metal you select for the engagement ring will have an effect on the overall look. Platinum and white gold has been popular for a long period of time. Both of them offer a modern and sleek look. The setting of diamond in and yellow prong from engagement rings stores might make the diamond appear more yellowish. In case you love the color of gold then you need to get white metal prongs in the gold bangs for creating a contrast with the diamond. Rose gold is in fashion now. It is a soothing and warm appearance.

Choose the Setting of the Diamond

When you get an engagement ring from the engagement rings stores, you have to keep in that the ring is in place because of the setting. The setting actually has two jobs to perform, to enhance the beauty of the diamond and also protect it from any kind of damage. Different kind of settings is of different scale. Some of the common forms of setting are prong, halo, and bezel.

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Choose the Side Stones

Side stone is a great way to perk up the look of the engagement ring. It offers a dash of elegance to the ring. Thus, the ring has a sophisticated look. In case you want the side stones to complement the center stone, select the one that grade closer to the center diamond in clarity, color, and also cut.

For the diamonds with similar clarity and color, the cut helps the stone to sparkle. Thus, to make sure that the engagement ring from the engagement rings stores, you need to choose one with a brilliant grade. The most important thing that you need to consider when you get an engagement ring is whether your partner will feel comfortable wearing it. They will be wearing this all their life. Hence, you should choose something that will suit them.